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Shaolin 15 Herb Original Bruise Healing Dit Da Jow

This SHAOLIN 15 herb Original Bruise Healing Dit Da Jow recipe was created by the Shaolin Monk herbalists to treat injuries sustained in training or combat such as bruising and sprains


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs decocted in this dit da jow are believed to stimulate chi and reduce blood blood stagnation - a condition that arises from trauma type injuries like contusions, sprains and bruises.


Martial Artists often apply dit da jow to the areas of the body that are going to make contact. Typically forearms, fists and shins.


Dit Da Jow is also used by rock climbers, footballers and many other contact sportspeople that receive hits and bruising to the body.


The herbs in this dit da jow were used also by Shaolin monks to treat bone and joint problems, strengthen bones, connective tissue, sinew and other areas where there has been repetitive contact.


When can I use the liniment (dit da jow)?
You can start using the dit da jow (liniment) immediately. It has already been aged for at least 2 years. 


What is Iron Palm Dit Da Jow?

Iron Palm refers to the legendary Shaolin Monks practicing techniques to make the hands, legs, and feet feel like iron smashing against any object they punched or kicked. In order to accomplish this, they applied Iron Palm Dit Da Jow (liniment) on the hands legs, shins or any part of the body they used to strike during training, to prevent pain, strengthen and heal the area quickly so they could resume training.