Healing Muscle Soreness and Bruising ...

There are many reasons for muscle soreness and pain!

Our liniments can help heal your body, stimulate the flow of energy (chi) throughout your body and relieve pain from:

  • blunt trauma from combat or contact sports

  • bruised and swollen muscles and body parts

  • delayed onset muscle soreness from a hard workout

  • strained muscles form over stretching or fatigue

  • referred pain from injured nerves

  • strained ligaments and tendons

  • inflammation

  • back pain from degenerative arthritis

  • painful joints

  • sprains and strains

Our liniments are all Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) using prescriptive recipes of Chinese Herbs that are up to 2000 years old and are used by martial artists and combat sports people around the world.

These combinations of herbs when massaged into the skin provide a double whammy in the fight against pain. Massage has been proven to reduce pain from muscle soreness by as much as 30%.


Combine massage with a powerful liniment that penetrates deep into the skin, muscle and nervous system, promoting the flow of chi (energy) along your meridians and you have the best method of for healing and restoring your body to peak performance.


Healing bruises within 3-4 days!

Bruises, or contusions, appears on the skin due to trauma.  The injury causes tiny blood vessels called capillaries to burst. Blood gets trapped below the skin’s surface, which causes a bruise, often colored blue or purple.


Our Red Chi liniments can often completely heal bruising without any of the normal residual yellowness within 3-4 days if used as directed. The herbs in the liniments specifically promote the flow of chi within the body and help to get the blood moving again through the affected area.

How are Red Chi liniments made?

Red Chi liniments are all made from prescriptions of Chinese herbs, prepared by a Chinese Medicine practitioner with over 25 years experience. We only use complete herbs, hand cut to usable size, not low quality powder sold by some merchants.

The herbs are placed in a large glass jar (typically 5-7 litres) soaked in 95% proof alcohol and agitated daily for at least 1 month, then weekly for a further 12 months. The alcohol is an excellent solvent for extracting and preserving the compounds and nutrients.


We use glass jars and bottles to ensure our liniments are not contaminated with chemicals that can leach from plastic.

How strong are Red Chi Liniments?

Our 'Nine Tiger' Dit Da Jow liniment uses over 1 kilogram of the 35 different Chinese herbs to produce 5 litres of liniment and takes around 2 years for full potency to occur.


That is a massive amount of herbs and guarantees that Red Chi liniments are the best and most potent you can buy.


What is Dit Da Jow or Jow?

Dit Da Jow is a liniment which literally means 'fall and strike wine' made from Chinese herbs and soaked in alcohol. It is not for drinking however, only for external use.


Dit Da Jow is a unique mixture of many aromatic herbs such as myrrh and ginseng, which are combined to stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling, and improve healing of injuries.


Different types of Jow can be made from different combinations (recipes) of herbs. Iron Palm jow for example contains herbs specifically to strengthen the skin, connective tissue and toughen bones.

This bruise healed in 3 days with no residual yellowness.

Shang-Han-Lun 傷寒論 - one of the earliest works over 1800 years ago that introduced the herbal formulas that form the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shaolin Temple
Nine Tiger Jow




Enhanced 35 herb formula

Shaolin Temple




Original 15 herb Dit Da Jow