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Leung Jan's 24 Herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow KIT (Makes 4-5 litres)
What is included in this Dit Da Jow kit?
This 24 herb herb kit contains over 700 grams of authentic dried herbs used to produce your own Dit Da Jow (Iron Palm liniment). The herbs supplied are plant-based dried herbs only with no powder. They are certified free of pesticides, contaminants and insect or animal products. 
When can I use the liniment (dit da jow) produced with this kit?
You can start using the dit da jow (liniment) in as little as two weeks if using the heat decoction method. We provide full details on how to create your dit da jow using this herb kit.


We provide full details on where to buy these.


Who was Leung Jan?

Leung Jan (approx. 1826—1901) was one of the most recognized Sifus in the Wing Chun lineage and some experts minds, the patriarch of Wing Chun as we know it today.


His name became well-known due to his wins in competitive bouts; he won the title of “Wing Chun Kuen Wong” or “King of Wing Chun Fist” earned over the course of 300 challenges, in which he went undefeated. He was also the first to beat a wide range of styles using the Wing Chun Fist methods. Leung Jan began learning Wing Chun Kuen during the 1840s or 1850s from members of the Red Opera Troupe.


It is commonly believed that Leung Jan started learning under Leung Yee-Tai, who was a long pole expert, and probably from Wong Wah Bo, who also a member of the Opera, when apprenticing on the Red Boats in the period of the 1840′s- 1850′s until Leung Jan’s father died. After his father’s death, Leung returned to Foshan to run his father’s pharmacy on Fai Jee Street and became a known Chinese medicine practitioner and herbalist as was his father.


It is believed that during the Opera ban post 1855, that Leung Yee Tai and Wong Wah Bo moved to the area of Foshan and that at this time Leung Jan continued his studies alongside his two teachers created the three hand forms which are the main vehicle for transmission of the Wing Chun Kuen system.Leung Jan’s students included his sons Leung Chun and Leung Bik as well as Chan Wah-Shun (nicknamed “Moneychanger Wah”) from whom the Yip Man, Yiu Kai, and Pan Nam lineages descend.


The Leung Jan Wing Chun Dit Da Jow herb kit is a 24 herb recipe that was used to develop hand and arm conditioning for the Wooden Dummy (Mook Jong), Chi Sao and Long Pole techniques. It encompasses the purported healing power of traditional style Dit Da Jow for Qi stagnation like bruises, bone bruises, contusions, sprains and other injuries associated with training. It also used by many martial arts practitioners for strengthening and toughening their bones, tendons and connective tissue.



What is Iron Palm Dit Da Jow?

Iron Palm refers to the legendary Shaolin Monks practicing techniques to make the hands, legs, and feet feel like iron smashing against any object they punched or kicked. In order to accomplish this, they applied Iron Palm Dirt Da Jow (liniment) on the hands legs, shins or any part of the body they used to strike during training, to prevent pain, strengthen and heal the area quickly so they could resume training.


The herbs used in a Iron Palm dit da jow have been traditionally used to heal, minimize pain, prevent future bone and joint problems and strengthen bones, connective tissue, sinew and other areas where there has been repetitive contact. Iron Palm dit da jow is also believed to be very good for relieving pain in the areas mentioned above even if you do not practice Iron Palm.

Leung Jan's 24 Herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow KIT (Makes 4-5 litres)

  • Are Instructions Provided?

    Yes - we provide full instructions.  You will also require a 5 litre glass jar and around 5 litres of high grade alcohol. 

    We provide you with the details on where to obtain both.
    Our instructions are detailed and provide two methods to decoct and create your own Dit Da Jow. One  method uses heat and enables you to produce a Dit Da Jow that can be used in as little as two weeks. The other method is a more traditional extraction method and enables you to produce a Dit Da Jow which can be used from around 12 weeks.


    What is Dit Da Jow?

    Dit Da Jow has been used for over a thousand years in China. Dit Da Jow is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and was used by Shaolin monk martial artists for the treatment of muscle soreness, bruises, contusions, iron palm, conditioning and toughening of the limbs and traditional bonesetting by Chinese medicine physicians.


    PLEASE NOTE: There are many clinical studies in China and also a few clinical studies in Western Medicine on the efficacy of Dit Da Jow which you can Google. We make no claims as to the efficacy or suitability of this product for you. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return the product for a 100% refund. Information provided is for educational purposes only.


    Where are the herbs sourced?

    All herbs are authentic non-toxic plant based herbs sourced from authorised Australian Chinese herbal suppliers (importers & wholesalers).. Our two suppliers only source approved quality assured herbs which have been certified free of pesticides and contaminants. All herbs are plant based only and do not include insects, contaminants or any animal products.


    Can I drink Dit Da Jow?  NO!


    Dit Da Jow is traditionally for external use only and must never be ingested. The final product which you are producing must also be kept out of reach of children.

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