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Leung Jan's 24 herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow
When can I use the liniment (dit da jow)?
You can start using the dit da jow (liniment) immediately. It has already been aged for at least 2 years. 


Who was Leung Jan?

Leung Jan (approx. 1826—1901) was one of the most recognized Sifus in the Wing Chun lineage and some experts minds, the patriarch of Wing Chun as we know it today.


His name became well-known due to his wins in competitive bouts; he won the title of “Wing Chun Kuen Wong” or “King of Wing Chun Fist” earned over the course of 300 challenges, in which he went undefeated. He was also the first to beat a wide range of styles using the Wing Chun Fist methods. Leung Jan began learning Wing Chun Kuen during the 1840s or 1850s from members of the Red Opera Troupe.


It is commonly believed that Leung Jan started learning under Leung Yee-Tai, who was a long pole expert, and probably from Wong Wah Bo, who also a member of the Opera, when apprenticing on the Red Boats in the period of the 1840′s- 1850′s until Leung Jan’s father died. After his father’s death, Leung returned to Foshan to run his father’s pharmacy on Fai Jee Street and became a known Chinese medicine practitioner and herbalist as was his father.


It is believed that during the Opera ban post 1855, that Leung Yee Tai and Wong Wah Bo moved to the area of Foshan and that at this time Leung Jan continued his studies alongside his two teachers created the three hand forms which are the main vehicle for transmission of the Wing Chun Kuen system.Leung Jan’s students included his sons Leung Chun and Leung Bik as well as Chan Wah-Shun (nicknamed “Moneychanger Wah”) from whom the Yip Man, Yiu Kai, and Pan Nam lineages descend.


The Leung Jan Wing Chun Dit Da Jow herb kit is a 24 herb recipe that was used to develop hand and arm conditioning for the Wooden Dummy (Mook Jong), Chi Sao and Long Pole techniques. It encompasses the purported healing power of traditional style Dit Da Jow for Qi stagnation like bruises, bone bruises, contusions, sprains and other injuries associated with training. It also used by many martial arts practitioners for strengthening and toughening their bones, tendons and connective tissue.


What is Iron Palm Dit Da Jow?

Iron Palm refers to the legendary Shaolin Monks practicing techniques to make the hands, legs, and feet feel like iro