KU YU CHEUNG'S Iron Palm & Bruise Healing Liniment

Ku Yu Cheung's Iron Palm and Bruise Healing liniment is a powerful Iron Palm formula containing 25 herb (plus some animal products) that helps develop iron hand and body conditioning. If you practice striking the wooden dummy, iron palm training or Makiwara, then this liniment will strengthen your hands, arms, body and heal injuries.

What is unique about this formula is about half of the formula would be considered Iron Palm ( hand conditioning) and the other half Dit Da Jow (Qi Movement). This combination formula along with his training created a very powerful Qi flow to his hands.


Ku Yu Cheung credited his Qi power he developed as the reason he could break a stack of bricks with what seemed like little effort. This is ONLY for serious combat martial artists or Iron Palm practitioners. Available in 100ml or 200ml glass bottles.

Who was Ku Yu Cheung (Gu Rhuzhang)?

Ku Yu Cheung (1894–1952) was one of the most accomplished and famous Iron Palm Masters who ever lived. Besides his famous Iron Palm demonstrations Ku Yu Cheung was a great fighter using the Northern Shaolin style of Kung Fu called Bak Siu Lahm. He was a 7th generation student and fought in the famous Lei Tai fights which were often to the death.

Lei Tai translated means fighting platform, where two men would match there skills on basically a elevated 24 foot square wooden deck. Fighters would lose if they surrendered, were incapacitated, were thrown or otherwise forced from the stage. The winner would remain on the stage (as its “owner”) unless ousted by a stronger opponent. If there were no more challengers, they would become the champion. Private duels on the stage had no rules and were sometimes fought to the death.

Because his iron palm was so good, he was nicknamed "Iron Palm Ku Yu Cheung". His hands were soft as cotton, but when he used his hands, it smashed rocks into many pieces and could bend raw iron. His Iron Palm strength reached a high level of development and it always amazed people when he demonstrated.

KU YU CHEUNG'S Iron Palm & Bruise Healing Liniment