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Dr Ye Tianshi's 34 herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow KIT (makes 4-5 litres)

With a massive 34 herbs, this 300 year old recipe is extremely powerful. Dit Da Jow is a traditional Chinese liniment used by Martial Artists to heal injuries from falls, strikes and sprains as well as the pain associated with them. Dr Ye Tianshi's Dit Da Jow recipe was used for general bruise healing as well as Iron Palm training.


What is included in this Dit Da Jow kit?
This 34 herb herb kit contains over 800 grams of authentic dried herbs used to produce your own Dit Da Jow (Iron Palm liniment). The herbs supplied are plant-based dried herbs only with no powder. They are certified free of pesticides, contaminants and insect or animal products. 

When can I use the liniment (dit da jow) produced with this kit?
You can start using the dit da jow (liniment) in as little as two weeks if using the heat decoction method. We provide full details on how to create your dit da jow using this herb kit.


We provide full details on where to buy these.


Who was Dr Ye Tianshi?

LDr. Ye Tianshi was born in 1667 and died at the age of 79. He was one of the greatest medical experts in Chinese history.


Dr. Ye was born into a family of Chinese Medicine doctors. His grandfather and father were both famous doctors in their time. He started learning Chinese Medicine from his father when he was 12.Dr. Ye was 14 when his father passed away. He continued his study of medicine with Mr. Zhu, one of his father’s apprentices.


Ye was so intelligent that he quickly learned everything Mr. Zhu could teach him. Thereafter, Dr. Ye began searching for outstanding doctors from whom he could learn more. Within 10 years, he had been taught by 17 teachers. As he was good at studying and adequately applying what he learned in practice, his medical tactics became more and more advanced, which led him to become one of the greatest physicians of his time.


Applying Dr Ye Tianshi's dit da jow may also reduce swelling very rapidly by eliminating blood stagnation and stasis at lightning speed.



What is Iron Palm Dit Da Jow?

Iron Palm refers to the legendary Shaolin Monks practicing techniques to make the hands, legs, and feet feel like iron smashing against any object they punched or kicked. In order to accomplish this, they applied Iron Palm Dirt Da Jow (liniment) on the hands legs, shins or any part of the body they used to strike during training, to prevent pain, strengthen and heal the area quickly so they could resume training.


The herbs used in an Iron Palm dit da jow have been traditionally used to heal, minimize pain, prevent future bone and joint problems and strengthen bones, connective tissue, sinew and other areas where there has been repetitive contact. Iron Palm dit da jow is also believed to be very good for relieving pain in the areas mentioned above even if you do not practice Iron Palm.

Dr Ye Tianshi's 34 herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow KIT (makes 4-5 litres)