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Red Chi Martial Arts Wing Chun Dit Da Jow Iron Palm  conditioning liniment
Red Chi Wing Chun Dit Da Jow Iron Palm  conditioning liniment

    Doctor Ye Tianshi's

Iron Palm and Bruise Healing liniment


is a powerful 300 year old recipe that helps develop hand and arm conditioning. If you practice striking the wooden dummy, iron palm training or Makiwara, then this liniment will strengthen your skin, hands, arms, body ... and heal injuries.

With a massive 34 herbs, this 300 year old recipe is extremely powerful. Dit Da Jow is an ancient liniment used to heal injuries from falls, strikes and sprains as well as the pain associated with them.


Dr Ye Tianshi's Liniment (Dit Da Jow) also encompasses the healing power of traditional style Dit Da Jow for Qi stagnation like sore muscles, soft tissue bruises, bone bruises, contusions, sprains and other injuries associated with training. It also has the strengthening power of Iron Palm, strengthening and toughening your bones, tendons and connective tissue.

This Dit Da Jow is ONLY for serious combat martial artists or Iron Palm practitioners. Available in 100ml or 200ml glass bottles.


Who was Dr Ye Tianshi?

Dr. Ye Tianshi was born in 1667 and died at the age of 79. He was one of the greatest medical experts in Chinese history.  He is best known for proposing that feverish diseases progressed along four stages, a theory he laid out in his book Discussion of Warm Diseases. Dr Ye however also prescribed recipes for the healing of injuries and strengthening the body.

Dr. Ye was born into a family of Chinese Medicine doctors. His grandfather and father were both famous doctors in their time. He started learning Chinese Medicine from his father when he was 12. Dr. Ye was 14 when his father passed away. He continued his study of medicine with Mr. Zhu, one of his father’s apprentices. Ye was so intelligent that he quickly learned everything Mr. Zhu could teach him.


Thereafter, Dr. Ye began searching for outstanding doctors from whom he could learn more. Within 10 years, he had been taught by 17 teachers. As he was good at studying and adequately applying what he learned in practice, his medical tactics became more and more advanced, which led him to become one of the greatest physicians of his time.

How is it applied?
Use the Jow (liniment) by pouring a small amount (a capful) into your palm and rubbing it into the area you want to condition. eg hands, forearms etc.  Rub in before and after your training and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before washing your hands or showering so it can soak into the skin.


To treat bruising or soreness, rub in 3-4 times daily and within 3 days the bruising will be gone with no residual yellowing.

Where are the herbs from and how is it made?
All herbs are authentic whole herbs imported from China. The herbs are placed in a glass jar with about 5 litres of 95% proof alcohol, which is needed for the extraction of the healing compounds.

What are the ingredients?
All ingredients are plant material. There are no animal products in this dit da jow liniment. The liniment is shipped in a glass bottle.

Ingredients include:

Frankincense, Draconis resin, Camphor, Myrrh, Angelica roots, leaves & branches, Siler root, Cardomann, Akebia root, Safflower, Sweetgum branches, Cinnamon Twigs, Pseudoginseng root. Cloves.

Can I drink it?
NO! Absolutely not!

This liniment is for external use only. Under no circumstances is it to be consumed, or left lying around within the reach of children.


  1. Any topical remedy such as this alcohol-based liniment should always be skin tested prior to application. If no allergic reaction is experienced within 1 hour, proceed with applying to the affected area.

  2. Due to the presence of 95% proof alcohol this liniment must NOT be used :

    • on broken skin or open wounds.

    • by children (12 or under). Please keep out of reach of children.

    • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  3. Only for EXTERNAL application. Do NOT drink or consume under any circumstances.

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