SHAOLIN Muscle Soreness & Bruise Healing Dit Da Jow (Liniment)

Shaolin Muscle Soreness and Bruise Healing liniment is based on the original formula published in "Secret Shaolin formulas for the Treatment of External Injury".


This is a very powerful bruise and muscle pain healer! With 15 herbs extracted in 95% alcohol, this Dit Da Jow (liniment) is the original ancient liniment - still used today by the Shaolin monks to heal injuries from falls, strikes and sprains as well as the pain and bruising associated with combat.


This healing Dit Da Jow is a sticky, strongly aromatic liniment and also helps with chronic pain in the joints and tendons and with treating the symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis and other painful inflammation conditions.


​Who can use this Liniment?

This Liniment is perfect for athletes, sports people, martial artists and combatants of all descriptions who suffer from strains, aches, pain, inflammation, tendonitis and joint pain. Available in 100ml or 200ml glass bottles.

SHAOLIN Muscle Soreness & Bruise Healing Dit Da Jow (Liniment)