Tendon Warming Liniment is a wonderful healing liniment for the treatment and rehabilitation of slow to heal or chronic tendon, sinew & joint injuries.


Unlike most Dit Da Jow that traditionally contain a balanced mix of cooling and warming herbs to treat acute injuries from start to complete healing, our Tendon Warming Liniment is composed of a blend of very warming herbs.


This warming Liniment greatly Increases the circulation in the injured joint it is applied to, helping to restore flow to areas that have been cut off by swelling or have been full of stagnant blood & fluids.


Red Chi's Tendon Warming Liniment is helpful in restoring normal function and relieving pain to areas that have been slow to heal or have become chronic, also areas that are sensitive to and ache in the cold. Helps to break the cycle of pain and re-injury of tendonitis.


This Tendon Warming Liniment will help increase explosiveness and speed in your workouts. The Tendon Warming Liniment helps clear all obstructions in the Meridians and Collaterals allowing Qi to flow which promotes healing and reduces pain .


The key is clearing out any wind and dampness in the meridians and collaterals. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is referred to as Qu Feng Sheng Shi Ji. When present they cause pain, soreness and a heavy sensation in the joints and back blocking the path of Qi and blood which is necessary for healing and pain relief.


  • Apply a small amount of the Tendon Warming Liniment like the size of a cap full in your palm of your hand and apply to the area needed, rub in vigorously. If it is applied below the waist rub in the direction of your toes, if it is above the waist rub toward the tips of your fingers. Depending on your skin sensitivity this should be enough, if after a couple minutes it is not warm you can apply a little more.

    After a couple of minutes you will feel the area you applied the Tendon Warming Liniment becoming warmer and wanner. You will also feel the area become less restrictive and easier to move. This is what you want and you can start your activity.

    Always wash your hands after each application and secure the cap tightly, always keep out of reach of children.

    Do not apply to an injury that is only 24 — 36 hours old, instead apply the Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm or both. After 24-36 hours you can apply the Tendon Warming Liniment. The Tendon Warming Liniment is also applied last if you are combining multiple liniments at the same time. This liniment gets warm to hot depending on your sensitivity and the amount applied.