OKINAWAN 17 Herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow Liniment


OKINAWAN 17 Herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow liniment is very similar to the original 15 herb recipe used by the Shaolin Monks. This is no surprise as Okinawan martial arts originated from China and inherited many of the Shaolin traditions.


Most practitioners of Okinawan karate know that hit medicines are/were used by most serious Okinawan karate masters. Higaonna Shinshi and Hokama shinshi (and others) have advocated this practice to their Western students fairly vocally.


Okinawan Dit Da Jow is used for training in Goju Ryu, Shito Ryu and Shotokan and is called Yi Yao Jia Zhi Wan Jin loosely translated means “medicine worth 10 thousand pieces of gold”. The name has been shortened and is referred to as “Wan Jin Yao”. In Japanese it is translated to “Kin yori yakuyō-chi”.

The herbs used in a Iron Palm liniment are designed to heal, minimize pain, prevent future bone and joint problems and strengthen bones, connective tissue, sinew and other areas where there has been repetitive contact. Iron Palm is also very good for relieving pain in the areas mentioned above, so even if you do not practice Iron Palm this liniment is very beneficial.

This is ONLY for serious combat martial artists or Iron Palm practitioners. Available in 100ml or 200ml glass bottles.

OKINAWAN 17 Herb Iron Palm Dit Da Jow Liniment