LEUNG JAN'S Iron Palm & Bruise Healing Liniment

Leung Jan's Dit Da Jow is a powerful 26 herb recipe that helps develop hand and arm conditioning. If you practice striking the wooden dummy, iron palm training or Makiwara, then this liniment will strengthen your skin, hands, arms, body ... and heal injuries.

Leung Jan's Liniment also encompasses the healing power of traditional style Dit Da Jow for Qi stagnation like sore muscles, soft tissue bruises, bone bruises, contusions, sprains and other injuries associated with training. It also has the strengthening power of Iron Palm, strengthening and toughening your bones, tendons and connective tissue.

This is ONLY for serious combat martial artists or Iron Palm practitioners. Available in 100ml or 200ml glass bottles.

Who was Leung Jan?

Leung Jan (approx. 1826—1901) was one of the most recognized Grandmasters in Wing Chun Kung Fu and in the opinion of many, was the patriarch of Wing Chun as we know it today.

LEUNG JAN'S Iron Palm & Bruise Healing Liniment