SHAOLIN Nine Tiger Muscle Soreness & Bruise Healing Dit Da Jow (Liniment)

With a massive 35 herbs extracted in 95% alcohol, Nine Tiger Dit Da Jow is said to heal with the strength of nine tigers! Nine Tiger Dit Da Jow is an ancient liniment and uses intense blood invigorating herbs as described in the ancient Chinese Medicine classic  “Shang Han Lun” over 1800 years ago!


Nine Tiger Jow is used to heal injuries from falls, strikes and sprains as well as the pain and bruising associated with them. Applying Nine Tiger Jow also reduces swelling very rapidly by eliminating blood stagnation at lightning speed. Nine Tiger Jow has the herbal properties of being slightly warm and is conducive to treating fresh injuries and chronic conditions. One of the key features of Nine Tiger Jow is its pain relieving properties.

Besides treating injuries, Nine Tiger Jow helps with chronic pain in the joints and tendons and with treating the symptoms of arthritis, tendonitis and other painful inflammation conditions. 

Who can use this Liniment?

This Liniment is perfect for athletes, sports people, martial artists and combatants of all descriptions who suffer from strains, aches, pain, inflammation, tendonitis and joint pain. This liniment is also ideal for the healing of bruised areas by applying 3-4 times daily.

SHAOLIN Nine Tiger Muscle Soreness & Bruise Healing Dit Da Jow (Liniment)